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Location: Main Street, Watford City, ND

Ribs : Each team is asked to have a minimum of 200 pounds of ribs. More is encouraged due to large attendance numbers.  Teams must provide a receipt with pounds purchased via email no later than 4:00 pm on Wednesday, August 10th.  Ribs must be cooked at the event. You must have a presence on the street throughout the duration of the event.  Teams will be asked to provide 100 plus bones for our VIP tents. You will be paid upon delivery for these ribs.

Time : Your product should be ready for judging at 5:00 pm and serving to the public
at 6:00 p.m. Ribs may not be sold or given away before 6:00 pm  Serving will continue until you run out of ribs. The side dishes and beverages served are at the discretion of each rib team. 

Selling Ribs : All Rib Teams must sell sample rib plates, 2 ribs for $5. Those not complying will be disqualified.

Alcohol:    Alcohol can be consumed in designated mugs on Main Street starting at 11:00 am.  Alcohol cannot be sold at Ribfest booths.

Day Time Concessions: Each team is free to sell a noon lunch. You may sell what you wish with drinks of your choice as long as it is not ribs and alcohol. All food sold must be in accordance to ND State Health Department laws.

Entertainment : We will have entertainment and games throughout the day ending by 1:00 am. Vendors and teams may clear the street no earlier than 8:00 pm. No vehicles on the street before 1:00am
Weather : The event will take place regardless of weather. Ribfest Teams may set up at their discretion. Cancellation of the event is up to the judgment of the Ribfest Committee. No Refunds will be given due to inclement weather.
Site Preparation: Site preparation will begin at 7:00 am and will end at 10:00am.  After 9:00am vehicles will not be allowed on Main Street and items will need to be carried to assigned booth.  Team booths will be assigned on Thursday by 7:00pm.  Teams will be able to bring in their large cookers on Thursday night.
Trash : Each team is responsible for providing 2 of their own 50 gallon garbage cans and liners at your booth. The city will have dumpsters conveniently located and available to all teams to dispose of their garbage. Each team should provide hand wipes and toothpicks

Electricity: Because of restricted access to power on Main Street, no power will be provided to Ribfest Cookers. Please bring your own portable, QUIET generators if power is needed. 

Gas & Coals: All hot coals must be placed in the steel barrels near each booth. Each team must provide a UL listed connection for all propane tanks. Propane cooking tanks must be stored in grids at least 10 feet from the cooking area.

Clean-up: All contestants are responsible for keeping their space clean and sanitary and must have their booths deconstructed and removed from Main Street by 2:00 am Saturday .  Anything left on the street after 2:00 am will be ticketed and towed.  A bill will be sent for any garbage we have to pick up from your booth space. Teams not cleaning up the street will not be invited back in 2023.   Please arrange for a cleanup crew!!       

1. Ribs (beef or pork) meant for sale to the public must have been federally inspected
2. Proper storage of meat is required. It must be maintained below 40 degrees or above 140 degrees.
3. Your booth should have a free-flowing spigot container of water with an on/off valve
and a catch container, hand soap and disposable towels for proper hand washing. A second container with bleach water should be kept for wiping counters, etc.
4. Booths are to be no more than 10x20 feet and must be positioned so that they sit up against the curb of the street. If you require more space for your setup, you're required to purchase an additional 10x10 space. Please consider the size of your setup, including the size of your trailer, cooker and serving area when registering. You will not be allowed to use the sidewalk behind your booth for storage.
5. Placement of your booth will be determined by the Ribfest Committee. Preference is given to chamber members and sponsors.
6. Each team will be responsible for any equipment they might need such as table, tent, cover, etc.
7. Teams must provide their own safety inspected (5 lbs minimum) multi-purpose ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher.

           The Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to disqualify any team                          not following our rules or anything we feel that is not becoming of the                                              Chamber of Commerce or Best of the West Ribfest         

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